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Welcome to Neurodivergent Love

This is a place for celebrating and talking about love and relationships between people who are not the neurological norm in this society. For a lot of us, this is a big deal. We’re told that we can’t love, that we can’t handle it, or that we love wrongly.  We express love differently, so let’s bring all of those ways into the circle of how relationships work.

Sex counts, too, even though it’s not love – for a lot of people sex is an important part of connection.  Non-sexual partnerships of all sorts definitely count.

Feel free to submit, and ask questions!

If you want to submit something, but don’t have a Tumblr, you can send us an anonymous Ask with your submission in it.  Otherwise, feel free to use Submit to submit stuff, and Ask to ask us questions.

If this takes off – I’ll be looking for co-mods and people to answer questions.  Feel free to message me at SoilRocksLove or use “Ask” if you are interested!

 Since I don’t have any co-mods right now, if you send me an ask that someone else would have a better handle on answering – I’ll pass it onto them.  But I can’t guarantee anything because I have no rights to tell them how to spend their time and energy.

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